"Share this book with everyone you know who wants to learn how to create a successful investment club."


Ann McNeill,
Trustee, Better Investing Corporation;
President, MCO Construction Company

"Follow their example and follow their lead. You will grow and learn, improve your finances, empower yourself."


Meg Green,
Meg Green & Associates

In Search of the Green:

How To Form Your Own Investment Club When You Don’t Know From Beans

Financial security improves your health and well-being. And, I am passionate about being an educated financial consumer.

In Search of the Green helps you take a group of friends or family on a journey to acquire financial literacy. With this new knowledge, your investment club will develop a healthy relationship with money and begin to invest wisely and profitably.

Comprehension is the first step to empowerment

Once we understand, fear is left behind and we gain power and control over our financial life.

My guide provides advice on how to organize and run a successful investment group.

Now is the time for you to become an educated financial consumer.

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In Search of the Green

In Search of the Green
chapters include:

  • Recruiting Members
  • Club Structure
  • Forms You Will Need
  • Start Up Costs
  • Selecting a Meeting Place
  • Laying the Groundwork
  • Concepts and Principals
  • Foundation and Objectives
  • Establish Approach to Entering the Stock Market
  • Establish Operational and Organizational Framework
  • Review and Assess Your Progress
  • Annual 'Harvest' Meeting
  • Investment Education Tools
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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