7% of the world's population, 300 million, already have the disease. And the prevalence of asthma is increasing.

Asthma: Management At The Source

Worldwide, 300 million people already suffer from the asthma. If left untreated or if inadequately treated, asthmatics can find breathing arduous to nearly impossible. In the U.S. alone, the disease kills 10,000 people a year.

As a proportion of the population, the prevalence of asthma is increasing – one out every four children in the U.S. is now being struck by asthma.

Our children suffer more with this disease because we are not recognizing the causes of the disease and managing them better. Our asthmatic children are missing many days at school, spending lots of time in hospital emergency rooms, not participating in sports, and not knowing what it is to really breathe. 

This is not only true of children, but adults too miss work, end up in hospitals, and curtail their lives and passions.

Asthma can be controlled

As an asthma sufferer, Patricia has spoken to PTA groups, senior citizens, asthmatic colleagues and parents of asthmatic children on controlling and managing this disease. Her knowledge and personal experiences have increased her awareness of asthma's triggers. She advises fellow asthmatics to learn more about their disease and build a partnership with their doctors.

Wise, enthusiastic, and practical - Patricia speaks from the heart and with a conviction about the actions we need to take to mitigate asthma's major culprits.

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