Life has brought me three passions. I am an advocate for each.

Asthma: Management At The Source

Asthma is a serious, even life-threatening condition. Managed properly, asthmatics can enjoy and pursue life to the fullest. Our actions can lead to controlling asthma better. My history as an asthmatic and as a proponent for change in management and care makes me an enthusiastic speaker.

Breast Cancer: A Tool for Women to Increase Knowledge & Courage

Few events in life are as emotionally charged as receiving the diagnosis of a life threatening disease like breast cancer. My small, but perceptive and empowering booklet gives you the important questions to ask your medical oncologist when chemotherapy is the option.

Investing: Start by Increasing Your Financial Assets

Financial health contributes to your health and well-being. My simple guide helps any social circle of friends or family create a structure which can lead to financial security and profitability.

The Little Pink Purse of Courage

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In Search of the Green

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